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gateway 3ds firmware 2.0

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> GW_Release_1.2.rar - 14 MB Firmware for the Blue Card & Launcher.dat

> Gateway 3DS Users Guide Quick Setup + Ilustrated Manual PDF

> GW3DS SD Imager - 2.1 MB Download for OSX version 1.5

> GW_testrom.3ds - 1.0 GB Hardware Diagnostics and SPI reset


New generation Firmware version 2.0 coming soon with NAND 3DS firmware cloning to SD card (can update the cloned firmware that runs from SD card and use e-Shop and all the latest games). Hopefully multi-rom support and compatibility with 3DS version 6.5 will make it into the release...

Q: Will there be upgrades for Gateway 3DS? Can the kernel and firmware be updated?
A: Yes – Gateway3DS cards and the Launcher.dat on the SD card can be updated. As you can see the initial firmware version 1.0 with which the GW3DS was released is already upgraded to version 1.1 that added significant new features like Region-Free and Firmware-Spoofing which enables users to play games from all regions and enables playback of newer 3ds roms that would otherwise force a 3DS console update so locking out the Gateway card. Expect more features to be added over time with the ultimate goal of the GW3DS team being to jailbreak and unlock the console for 3DS homebrew, enabling cheat codes for 3DS games and multi game loader menu for running multiple roms from a single microSD card.

Q: Will you update Gateway 3DS to make it compatible with 3DS firmware 6.1.0-12U
A: Currently Gateway 3DS cards work on FW version up to 4.5, but GW3DS Team has successfully tested an entry point into Gateway mode on firmware up to 6.1 and promised to soon make GW3DS compatible with Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL firmwares 5.x and 6.x. This compatibility has not been released yet to hide it from Nintendo and be warned not to update your 3DS as we can be sure that Nintendo will do everything they can to lock out the Gateway cards and make them incompatible with firmware above 6.2.

Gateway 3DS Nintendo Review

Manuals in other languages:

  • Ukrainian here
  • Chinese (Simplified) here
  • Chinese (Traditional) here



Straight out of the "Blue Card" the truck only works with the version of connect correctly. The industrial truck blue is essentially a R4i withdraw the firmware files as appropriate. As such. The truck is deep Labyrinth and works up to 3DS connect 6.1 . 
The industrial truck red is a special case, are required to connect  to a game only the microsd card. In order for the industrial truck red, first, you need use of a performance was justified. Prepared primarily for the system with a register  .NSD on the industrial truck whiting. Then copy the use of the card must be used in the 3DS and SD you decide NSD design of the profile in his 3DS as soon as this process is completed, and will be on the largest screen, so can the industrial truck red play for your games. 

  At the beginning of the trolley whiting welcome to connect to a some family, the r4I.  Is need much explanation for the functioning of the trolley whiting. If it was the system that the industrial truck is red the game responsible within the microsd card. 


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How to download 3DS roms for Gateway3DS

Copy one game rom to microSD card and play i ton the Nintendo 3DSXL console.

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