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Gateway 3DS Nintendo Review

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Q: Is there a game select menu or can I only play one game at a time?
A: Currently you can copy only one game to the  microSD card and to play another rom you either have to insert a different micro SD /SDHC card with another 3DS rom or you have to erase the rom files from the microSD card and copy another game to it.

Q: What is the Gateway 3DS Compatibility with 3DS roms?
A: As of this date all games except for Animal Crossing work. GW3DS Team is working on an firmware update that will add support for NAND based save method that the Animal Crossing Rom uses and updates will be issued to support future game rom releases.

Q: Does the microSD card have to be the exact same size (MB) as the 3DS ROM I want to play?
A: NO – the SD card simply has to be larger that is large enough for the rom to fit on it. The largest 3DS games are just a little bit bigger than 4GB so a 8GB microSD card would with any game.

Nintendo 3DS Rom sizes: (conversion from MBits to MB)

1024 Mbit = 128MB
2048 Mbit = 256MB
4096 Mbit = 512MB
8192 Mbit = 1GB
16384 Mbit = 2GB
32768 Mbit = 4GB

Q: Can I play Japanese games on a USA console or China roms on Euro console?
A: YES - Starting from GW3DS Firmware version 1.1 and up a region locking hack called Region-Free has been included that bypasses all country and region based restrictions that Nintendo had implemented on 3DS. Any console from Japan, USA, Europe, Australia, Korea, China or Taiwan can play games from all regions.



Outside of the "Blue Box" the truck only works with the version of connect correctly. The industrial truck blue is essentially a R4i withdraw the firmware files as appropriate. As such. The truck is deep Labyrinth and works up to 3DS connect 6.1 . 
The industrial truck red is a special case, are required to connect  to a game only the microsd card. In order for the industrial truck red, first, you need use of a performance was justified. Prepared primarily for the system with a register  .NSD on the industrial truck whiting. Then copy the use of the card must be used in the 3DS and SD you decide NSD design of the profile in his 3DS as soon as this process is completed, and will be on the largest screen, so can the industrial truck red play for your games. 

  At the beginning of the trolley whiting welcome to connect to a some family, the r4I.  Is need much explanation for the functioning of the trolley whiting. If it was the system that the industrial truck is red the game responsible within the microsd card. 


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How to download 3DS roms for Gateway3DS

Copy one game rom to microSD card and play i ton the Nintendo 3DSXL console.

how to download 3ds roms gateway]

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