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Lameboy -- Gameboy/Color emulator; Save with X button or through Exit on menu; Supports savestates, Super Gameboy, Rumble Flashcarts need testing; Auto DLDI.
nesterDS -- NES emulator; Auto DLDI.
SNEmulDS -- Super Famicom / SNES emulator; Supports EZ-V 3-in-1 Expansion Pack & Ewin Expansion Pack! Auto DLDI.
jEnesisDS -- SEGA Genesis emulator for DS and 3DS; Supports sound as of 0.6; Auto DLDI.

AmEDS -- Amstrad CPC 6128 (8-bit computer) emulator.
ColecoDS -- ColecoVision (CBS) home video game console emulator; Auto DLDI.
CrocoDS -- An Amstrad CPC 464/6128 emulator; Works fine and at full speed with most games.
DS85 -- TI-85 calculator emulator; Requires ti85.rom to run; Auto DLDI.
DSMasterPlus -- Sega Master System emulator; Auto DLDI.
Dual Swan -- WonderSwan emulator
fmsxDS -- MSX, MSX2/2+ (8-bit computer) emulator; Use Japanese BIOS! Auto DLDI.
FrodoDS -- Commodore 64 Emulator; Runs and CAN mount most disk images; If it can't, it's due to the C64 rom (.d64 file) itself; Try a different game and it should work; Auto DLDI.
MarcaDS -- MAME's arcade 8-bit game emulator; Games play in 1.17; Prev. 1.16 said Menu works but both screens go black when executing games.
NeoDS -- Neo Geo AES/MVS emulator.
nesDS -- NES emulator; Touch screen menu issues on some flashcarts; Auto DLDI.
PenkoDS -- MSX2 emulator without SCC emulation.
PicoDriveDS -- Sega Genesis emulator.
pokeyDS -- Atari 800XL computer emulator.
ScummVM -- Point and click adventure game interpreter (Lucasarts, Sierra, etc.); Auto DLDI.
lolSNES -- New high level SuperNES emulator for R4 DS cards. Limited compatibility but runs games at full speed.
snesDS -- Super Famicom / SNES emulator; with rather low game compatibility and some issues with larger ROMs; Auto DLDI.
SpeccyDS -- ZX Spectrum emulator.
StellaDS -- Atari 2600 emulator; Auto DLDI.
StyxDS -- Atari ST emulator; runs at < 20% speed.
ThomDS -- Thomson MO5 (8-bit computer) emulator.
WabbitDS -- A fantastic and almost perfect TI-83+ emulator/clone; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! TI-83+ ROM needed; Select ROM at first launch.
ZXDS -- ZX Spectrum emulator.

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